Slot Overview: “Gates of Olympus”

Picture this: you’ve made it to the Olympus Gates, and there’s one very angry Zeus waiting there, his blue eyes gleaming and ready to shower down lightning bolts on your head. Many ancient Greeks believed the gods to be essentially human beings who happened to be endowed with godlike powers. The mortal race had no choice except to be quiet, show proper respect, and cross their fingers that they wouldn’t encounter the gods on one of their days off. Reading the classics, however, one may get the impression that not even the proper amount of bulls could prevent one from being transformed into a linden tree.

Moving on, many gamblers could argue that there is a mercurial quality to the gambling mentality, one that is red hot one minute and ice cold the next. If that’s the case, games based on Ancient Greece are an even better fit. This brings us to Gates of Olympus, developed by the ever-busy Pragmatic Play. The studio has taken advantage of the familiar plot to bring a novel pay-what-you-want model. We’re familiar to pay-all-ways, but regular symbols that function as “scatters” and provide wins regardless of where they appear (provided enough of them are in view) are unusual. When used in conjunction with cascades and multipliers (if Zeus is feeling generous), this function may cause all sorts of havoc.

Although the concept of a candy-themed sequel to a studio’s smash success may not immediately come to mind when thinking of Mount Olympus and the Greek gods, the revelation that this game is a sequel to Sweet Bonanza may change that. Everything mentioned above is back for Gates of Olympus, along with a few tweaks and improvements.

Set in Olympus, with Zeus lurking nearby ready to pounce, the action unfolds across a grid of six reels and five rows. This isn’t anything close to the lighthearted fun of Sweet Bonanza, and everything about it feels far more substantial. While the default RTP remains same at 96.50%, the increased volatility earned it a perfect score of 5 stars from Pragmatic Play. Potential, however, has shifted dramatically in the other direction, plummeting from 21,100x to just 5,000x. Nonetheless, this may indicate that Pragmatic has heard the feedback regarding the company’s often inflated advertising potential and has changed the statistics to better align with what is truly realizable.

Gate of Olympus is a slot machine game that can be played on any device for as little as 20 cents up to as much as £/€125 per spin. The winning symbols are eliminated from the board, making room for new and existing symbols to cascade down and fill in the empty spaces. The cascade system continues as normal until no further sets of winning symbols occur. There are nine standard payout symbols, including five colored gems and four other icons (cups, rings, egg clocks, and crowns) that may be used to form winning combinations. If you get 12 or more of the four highest-paying image symbols, you win between 12 and 50 times your wager. There is no wild symbol since it would be insane on a slot machine with this payout structure.

Slot Features in “Gates of Olympus”

When a multiplier sign appears, a random multiplier between 2x and 500x will be displayed. At the conclusion of a cascade, a multiplier, if present, increases the final win by its value. When applying a multiplier, the values of each individual multiplier are summed together.

If you get 4, 5, or 6 scatters at once, your payoff will be 3, 5, or 100 times your wager, and you’ll also receive 15 free games. If a win occurs during a free spin, the values of all visible multiplier symbols are combined together. This multiplier does not reset and can only go up or stay the same. When 3 scatters appear, the round can be prolonged indefinitely and 5 more free spins are granted.

Another Pragmatic Play game that has an Ante Bet is Gates of Olympus. When activated, the total bet amount is increased by 25% and more scatter symbols are added to the reels, increasing the player’s chances of triggering free games by 2. There may be a bonus purchase option that costs 100 times the bet.

Slot Decision at the Gates of Hades

Gates of Olympus seems more earthbound than Sweet Bonanza, despite the fact that Pragmatic Play may have taken the story to the stars. In particular, potential seems more represented and more attainable. Thankfully, the ability to make payments from anywhere is still an option. It’s surprising that the system, which is both amusing and novel, isn’t used more frequently. Occasionally, wild win chains will ignite, utilizing a far larger portion of the grid than is typical for a slot machine. By improving upon the original design, Pragmatic Play has transformed Gates of Olympus into a totally new, riskier experience.

Rainbow bomb multipliers, which occasionally dropped from a cloud in Sweet Bonanza, were one of the game’s most appealing features. However, you could only use them during bonus rounds. Up to a near-mythical x500 in Gates of Olympus, they may significantly boost an otherwise average win across the board. Naturally, the action climaxes during free spins, and the fact that the global multiplier does not reset is a fantastic twist. This cannot be said of its forerunner. Clusters of ten or more symbols typically result in decent payouts, making the activation of free spins a very desirable outcome. It’s important to note that Pragmatic has maintained cluster values unchanged despite the greatly improved capabilities of the multipliers here.

When compared to the candy game, Gates of Olympus offers more to seasoned gamblers. Thematically, Gates of Olympus is more serious, the volatility is higher, and while the claimed top win is lower, the more realistic figure actually improves the attraction of the game.






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