Disturbed Slot Overview

When you visit the doctor or hospital, you expect to be healed or recovering. Most physicians, nurses, and health professionals help people, which is excellent. In Nolimit City’s online slot Disturbed, a rotten apple leads the evil. Players who are easily squeamish should avoid Disturbed and Nolimit City. However, fans of the studio may play another scary online game. Consider not doing so if you have a medical check-up scheduled shortly.

The ‘demented clinic of Dr. Daniel Eath’, according to Nolimit City, offers high-quality services that leave patients breathless. The fundamental game is played in a drab clinic room with a one-snake Caduceus of Mercury on the wall and an irregularly placed game grid in the centre. Similar to Mental (2021), Disturbed is roughly based on the medical sector, although it’s less startling. Disturbed has a creep element, and as the tale progresses through huge win countups, bonus round triggers, and specific symbols, it may start to nest under the skin like a horrible memory. Also noteworthy is the soundtrack, a throwback synth paradise. However, the music eventually accentuated the 80s VHS horror/slasher film vibe.

Disturbed’s 5-reel, 4-2-4-2-4 grid has 256 ways to win. Features may be activated from the 4 Enhancer Cells on reels 2 and 4. Disturbed, a volatile slot, has three RTP models, the highest being 96.10%. Players may stake 20 p/c to £/€100 each spin and activate xBet/Ramp Access. Doing so doubles the stake, lights the top left Enhancer Cell, and activates a scatter on the first reel. RTP rises to 96.13% with xBet.

Disturbed pays out when matching symbols fall on at least three adjacent reels from the left side of the grid using a ways method. Low payouts are five medical symbols, while highs include a sack of blood, a biohazard bin, Ms Happ, Mr Facelift, and Dr Death. Not a good clinic to be a patient of. Hitting a 5 OAK winning manner pays 2x the low bet and 2.5x to 10x the high bet. Fully stacked character symbols can land on the middle reel in the main game, and Pre-op Spins or Annihilation Spins become wild symbols that replace pay symbols.

Disturbed: Slot Features

This devious doctor’s bag includes Mrs. Nudge, Enhancer Cell modifications, Pre-op Spins, Annihilator Spins, Angel of Death, Six Feet Under, and the Nolimit Bonus.

Mrs. Nudge

Mrs. Nudge just hits reel 3. Mrs. Nudge always covers the reel as she lands. Nudges boost win multipliers by 1.

Cells that enhance

Each spin can light 4 Enhancer Cells. One of these modifiers activates when lit:

Random position becomes xWays. All xSplit symbols are affected by xWays.

xSplit—Mr. Split is crazy. Random symbols on the center reel become Mr. Split and can be re-selected. xSplit splits (adds 1 symbol) all row locations except itself. Splitting an xWays adds a symbol.

Wild – random positions produce wild symbols.

Each Disturber causes a respin. A Disturber triggers active features again. Between Disturber, xWays, wild, and xSplit positions reset.

An Angel of Death can be activated by landing 4 gravestones.


Base game scatters can appear on any reel. Executioner scatters only appear on the middle reel in Pre-op Spins. Executioner Scatter symbols grant +3 Annihilation Spins and enhance Pre-op Spins.

Pre-op Spins

12, 15, or 20 Pre-op Spins are awarded for 3, 4, or 5 scatters. One Enhancer Cell is always illuminated during Pre-op Spins. Extra spins are awarded by Disturbers.

Destruction Spins

Three, four, or five scatter symbols with all Enhancer Cells lighted unleash 12, 15, or 20 Annihilation Spins. This function lights all Enhancer Cells and gives an additional spin for Disturber activation.

Death Angel and Six Feet Under

Four illuminated gravestones plus a stacked Dr. Death sign on the center reel activate Angel of Death, which awards Six Feet Under, the game’s maximum win.

No-limit Bonus

The Nolimit Bonus lets players buy Pre-op Spins (max RTP 96.12%) for 112x the wager, Annihilation Spins (max RTP 96.21%) for 666x the bet, or a random trigger of either feature (max RTP 96.25%) for 250x the

Disturbed: Slot Results

Blood, cannibalism, toilet paper, kidnapping, nasty doctors—Nolimit City seems to cover everything. In Disturbed, Nolimit City has chosen a weird motif to box the game. If you’ve played Mental, Serial, Kiss My Chainsaw, or other oddball games from the company, it’s not unexpected. Like when your friend makes a picture or says something so strange you don’t know whether to laugh or worry. Fans of Nolimit City will expect shock.

The tale and circumstances of Disturbed are frightening, yet it’s fascinating how soon blood bags and bleeding-eyed victims may become desensitized. Some may find Disturbed’s gameplay complicated and annoying until they completely understand the rules. It’s confusing because the Enhancer Cells are shoved directly on the reel instead of above or below it. Once you understand everything, the game becomes clearer. The goal is to light as many Enhancer Cells as possible to activate several effects, nuance the center reel, and line up juicy pay symbols. On the 96.1% RTP option, 1 in 10 million spins would strike 4 tombstones and a stacked Dr. Death on the center reel to win 54,391 times the stake.

Disturbed has a lot of originality and solid statistics. Nolimit City has repackaged several of its previous products, which may not be groundbreaking. The packaging and Disturbed’s gameplay may be off-putting to some. It’s not as simple as landing three rows of symbols on a five-reel grid. Like most of Nolimit City, it may take a few spins to find out how Disturbed works, then more to decide if it’s too much or just right.






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